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Life Learning Center is a 501(c)(3) organization that believes permanent self-sufficiency begins with a transformational change that permits long-term success. Through a holistic continuum of education and care, Life Learning Center provides Candidates with the necessary tools and support to sustain a living wage career. The Center focuses on overcoming barriers in ALL five domains of life: emotional, financial, physical, spiritual, and relational.

Life Learning Center seeks to equip Candidates with sustainable careers while meeting the workforce needs of employer partners through provided access to talent, preliminary screening, and collaborative strategies for retention.

In order to best meet the needs of your organization, please complete the fields below and submit to LLC Job Placement Coordinator, Ashton Van Gorden at avangorden@lifelearningcenter.us

Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews serve as a bi-monthly hiring opportunity for Life Learning Center Candidates & employer partners. As the concluding exercise of LLC’s Working for a Better Life program, employer partners are recruited and leveraged to deliver on-site interviews with the option to screen Candidates for available positions in their company. 

Direct Referrals:

Employers may opt to participate in a streamlined process of direct referrals to fill open positions in their company. Through assessment of company workforce needs and hiring criteria, LLC leads screening efforts to connect qualified LLC Candidates to employer partners. Candidate referrals are sent electronically to company representatives for further consideration and enclose the following:


  • Applicant Resume

  • Desired position, shift, wage, etc.

  • LLC Program Attendance & Participation

  • Method of Transportation

  • Work History, Education & Skills

  • Criminal Background & Drug Screen Results

  • Copy of eRecruitFit Report

  • Scheduling Considerations

Life Learning Center’s Employer Partners

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