Life Learning Center delivers The Foundations for a Better Life™ 12-week program that focuses on addressing five domains of life: physical, financial, spiritual, emotional, and relational. These on-going barriers often derive from the addiction epidemic, increased incarceration, and childhood poverty rates rising in our local tristate area. These factors directly hinder an individual’s ability to generate an income for their family, leaving citizens “at-risk” hopeless and unemployable. 

Life Learning Center's 12-Week Program
Education and Care Continuum

We deliver an Education and Care Continuum to help identify and address barriers preventing Candidates from sustaining employment. When Candidates first begin Orientation, the volunteer faculty encourages each participant to focus on one’s past and present while envisioning a better future. Once his/her barriers and goals are shared, Candidates participate in “Pillars of Growth” classes to learn how to overcome obstacles faced in every domain of life (physical, emotional, relational, financial, and spiritual).


While attending classes taught by volunteer faculty, Candidates learn life skills such as time management, healthy relationships, boundaries, and budgeting. Candidates have access to a volunteer Candidate Support Coordinator who provides accountability, review, and encouragement as they traverse through the program.


Life Learning Center has two Adult Certified Peer Support Specialists (PSS) on staff that actively support Candidates and Members in their recovery journey in the following ways:


-       Promoting self-advocacy

-       Supporting the chosen recovery path

-       Providing recovery meetings

-       Making care calls

-       Organizing substance-free socialization activities through weekly Saturday programming such as yoga, recovery groups, and family-friendly activities.




20 West 18th Street, Covington, KY 41011

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