Life Learning Center delivers The Foundations for a Better Life™ 12-week program that focuses on addressing five domains of life: physical, financial, spiritual, emotional, and relational. These on-going barriers often derive from the addiction epidemic, increased incarceration, and childhood poverty rates rising in our local tristate area. These factors directly hinder an individual’s ability to generate an income for their family, leaving citizens “at-risk” hopeless and unemployable. 

Life Learning Center's 12-Week Program

Education Continuum

Week 1 invites Candidates to revisit their past experiences and choices and discuss how they have impacted their current circumstances, envision how they would like to live, and set specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, and time-based (SMART) goals to reach their vision. In Pillar Week 2-5, participants attend the “Pillars” class once a week, building and developing emotional and social intelligence such as interpersonal skills, initiative and reliability, stress and emotion management, conflict resolution, listening, and boundary setting. Week 6 is the Working for a Better LifeTM program, which dedicates a full week to job readiness. Candidates build their resume, practice interviewing skills while learning successful strategies for getting and keeping the job. In Pillar Week 7-12, Candidates attend classes once a week focused on time management, personal finances, spirituality. 

The classes, taught by volunteers, are interactive, where Candidates "learn how to live" through our Foundations for a Better LifeTM curriculum. Simultaneously, the Center's Care Continuum is comprised primarily of two functions: 1-1 mentoring and care resources - all on-site. Our personally trained volunteers (Candidate Support Coordinators) hold his/her Candidate accountable to the milestones, and job training taught throughout the program. The goal of a Candidate Support Coordinator is to help the "at-risk" individuals that result in a life of purpose, stable employment, financial stability, and healthy lifestyles. Examples of these milestones include volunteering based on one's purpose statement, running a credit report, and obtaining employment. To address employment barriers, for instance, in the event, the Candidate suffers a disability, the Candidate Support Coordinator and Candidate would collaborate with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.

In addition to individualized mentoring, the Care Continuum includes residential and community partners who offer free services exclusively to our Candidates. Within the Greater Cincinnati area, we are blessed with over 7,700 non-profits; however, these social service groups tend to focus on unique niche symptoms (e.g., if one needs food or clothing, he or she resorts to Agency A, if one needs a mental health assessment, he or she is referred to Agency B, etc.). After extensive, national research conducted by the LLC Board of Directors, the team quickly realized a "missing link" that no program provided a permanent solution to all barriers. It was evident that the agencies offer only temporary relief to individuals with continuous and complex barriers. Thanks to our dedicated group of community and residential partners, Candidates may receive the necessary services to remove themselves from situational or generation poverty once and for all.

Care Continuum




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