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I am,   Michael    Isome 

They say that good things can come from a bad situation and that was my experience in March of 2020.  I had been arrested when the police thought they had found some type of drugs on me, but I knew it was impossible.  I didn’t do drugs, alcohol was my addiction.  I was released from jail to attend the Life Learning Center (LLC) and I was really hoping it would help me make a better life for myself.  When my case was dismissed and I was no longer required to attend classes at LLC, I didn’t want to stop.  The program was really helping me understand myself and helping me to deal with my emotions, instead of drinking.


The staff at LLC were incredible!  They really listened to me and, in turn, taught me to listen to others and build strong friendships.  I’ve been sober for seven months now and try to attend as many Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings that I can, that are hosted at LLC.  I’ve been able to enjoy a great job and even been able to buy my own car.  I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without the support of everyone at LLC. 


I love talking about the great opportunity at LLC because you never know who could benefit from the LLC program.  Anyone who thinks they may need help should call today, because you’ll never find a group of people more dedicated to helping you change your life for the better! 



I am,   Barb  Holbrook 

From the outside, everything probably looked normal.  I grew up Catholic, went to private schools.  My husband and I both had full time jobs and we had been married for 16 years.  But what people didn’t know was that I had a problem with marijuana, since my teenage years.  My husband started using crack off and on, which led to abusing pain pills, and eventually to using heroin.   To support his habit, he started selling.  Eventually, DEA came knocking on our door and when all was said and done, I served three years of probation.


After I was released, my first stop was to the Life Learning Center (LLC), which I had heard about while I was in jail.  I had lost everything.  If one of my daughters hadn’t taken me in, I would have had to live in a homeless shelter.  I was told that LLC was the best kept secret in Covington, and they weren’t lying. 


When I first started the program, I didn’t want to be here.  But every week that I came back, I learned something new about myself.  Staff got me out of my comfort zone and really challenged me.  After graduating the program, I was offered an internship here at LLC and also worked four part-time jobs.  After six months, I was offered a full-time job here at LLC and have been here ever since.  I’m now the Café Manager and responsible for the thousands of meals we serve every year to LLC’s Candidates.


I can’t say enough about how LLC changed my life.  To anyone needing this program, come in with an open mind.  Have faith in yourself because this place will have faith for you even when you don’t.



I am, Rita  Wilkerson

Sometimes the best thing that can happen to you is to be forced to do something that you don’t want to do.  That was my experience with the Life Learning Center (LLC).  I had been arrested for possession of fentanyl and a condition of my release was to attend the program at LLC.


I remember on my first day, thinking that I had nothing in common with other people in the class.  No one could understand the emotional struggles that I was trying to deal with.  As each day passed and as I started to participate more in the classes, I started to learn more about myself and more about my classmates.  I learned that I wasn’t alone, that other people had struggles like I did.


I truly believe that LLC saved my life.  I’ve changed from the person who was sitting in that classroom feeling alone and misunderstood.  I still go to counseling, but thanks to LLC, I now have a full-time job, my own place outside the city, and I get to enjoy spending time with my grandkids every weekend. 


The staff at LLC was so special to me that I still keep in contact with them as a source of support.  The entire environment there was so welcoming and nonjudgmental that I could really focus on improving myself and have hope for the future.  Thank you to everyone at LLC!

2021 - This    Is Us &   Our   Struggles

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