Summer Rise

About the Program

Created for High School graduates looking for sustainable employment opportunities.

Summer Rise 


The Need

Within the urban core population of Covington, Kentucky, 166 seniors graduated from Holmes High School in 2015. Of those young individuals graduating, 82% were accepted to post-secondary education. When semester classes began in the fall, only 36% of students accepted show up to freshmen orientation. Of those, 4% graduate from a post-secondary educational institution. The statistics are both appalling and dismal. What are the unaddressed barriers preventing the aspiring seniors to reach their highest potential? Why do the majority of graduated students “slide” into a routine of bad habits?

The Need

The Solution

Life Learning Center’s mission is to deliver a condensed 6-week program designed to reverse the “summer slide” for young individuals to obtain the necessary life skills and tools for permanent sustainability. Our goal is to provide Candidates with the necessary tools and resources that enables them to address barriers preventing them from successfully completing his or her post-secondary education. The Center’s holistic approach focuses on five key “pillars” in life: physical, emotional, relational, financial, and spiritual. The Care continuum runs parallel with educational classes where each Candidate meets with a Candidate Support Coordinator who helps them hold accountable for their goals and actions to navigate through the blueprint of their life. Both community and residential partners are available to provide extra guidance and support to achieve transformational change. 

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