“I had been laid off from my part-time job and felt I was out of options. I hadn’t exactly set myself up for success. With my savings disappearing, I made the bad decision to make methamphetamines in my own home to become financially stable. My idea of a quick-fix literally blew up in my face: third-degree burns, no vision, no house, and eventually no kids.  

I officially hit rock-bottom. After reaching out for help to several social service programs, I quickly realized I was only relieving my issues temporarily. 

I needed to fix the underlying problem. My friend from the Sober Living House, a graduate of the Life Learning Center referred me with hopes of regaining my self-confidence and finding hope in my darkest hour. Life Learning Center saw my strengths and developed me professionally and personally. The staff offered accessible care resources and a personal touch which enabled me to restore my dignity and motivation that was lost just a few months ago. With a different atmosphere of positivity, Life Learning Center helped me develop a long-term plan by developing a vision board for life I truly can see. My goal is to work with “at-risk” young girls in my situation help them reach their highest potential through preventative substance abuse programs.” 


“I came across Life Learning Center’s free program the month before graduating from Holmes High School. Unable to pay for college, I felt overwhelmed and hopeless trying to plan my next step in life. Some organizations ultimately give you the destination or a specific path you need to take.  

Life Learning Center is multi-faceted: the education and care program offers a variety of pathways to choose based off your individual needs and aspirations as long as you work hard to earn it. I finally found a positive support system in my life that truly kept me accountable to reach my highest potential. Since the beginning of orientation, I learned more about my emotions and relationships than I ever expected. Life Learning Center taught me not only how to help 

others but also myself, especially to overcome tough barriers. After graduating from the 12-week program, I found a steady job within the restaurant industry and plan to join the National Guard.” 


"I came to LLC after my marriage in Cameroon, West Africa ended and I found myself without a home, a job, or means of support. I had no documented employment history and felt lost in a new country. Seeking job opportunities, I was referred by the Women’s Crisis Center to enroll at LLC where I landed two part-time jobs at Wal-Mart and Marriott. After I was able to save enough money, I moved into an apartment and could send money to my family in Cameroon. I found a new job opportunity at Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati and was nominated for their prestigious Chairman’s Award and promoted to VIP Guest Coordinator. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t choose to enroll at LLC only a few short years ago. I now give back by volunteering as a  Candidate Support Coordinator"


"I was formerly a practicing attorney in Kentucky and ran into some inconvenient and unsettling problems. I didn't think I could get back on my feet after running into trouble with the law until I went through Life Learning Center. Through the R.E.A.L project internship, I was able to become a manager at Master Provisions warehouse. Through the tools they've given me, I truly feel that I am starting that path to redemption. My kids have started volunteering with me here, it’s really a place to heal the whole family."


"My life before Life Learning Center was basically a depressing spiral going down into a drug-induced nothing.  I came into Life Learning Center to give my life one more chance.  Within two weeks I felt hope and toward the end of my chapter at LLC, I found relief.  I got a job at Auto Zone next door and started off as a part-time sales rep.  Within a year I was promoted to a parts sales manager and learned to utilize my experience from LLC into my work.  The staff at LLC saved my life and still encourage me to grow and prosper.  I am no longer the guy who crawled through the door two years ago.  I am grateful every day for this place and every time I feel like giving up, I just walk out into the parking lot to be reminded of how far I’ve come." 


"It's hard for me to put my appreciation into words, but I am definitely very grateful for the involvement of all of the staff members at LLC. I'm also very thankful for all of the volunteers who give their time for a great cause. When I first came to the LLC I was worn down. I had been through incarceration, residential treatment, homelessness, addiction, and a cycle of self-destruction that left me with a criminal record, unemployability, and I had become a shell of a person. I was nervous at first, but I slowly opened up. The instructors made me feel comfortable. I got honest and shared with our class, and listened. I realized I wasn't the only one who had a rough start before coming here. I have also started to exercise regularly. Kim and Swami are just two of the many helpful volunteers. The yoga sessions and meditation practice impacted my physical life greatly. Thanks to the program I had already started to refocus on my purpose, my goals, and what I wanted to do with my life. The instructor Kim and Master Swami showed me how to connect my physical body with my inner self. And with practice, I can continue to heal internally and externally together. I have said my thank you's around the Center, but I am actually very excited to give back by giving of myself."


"Have you ever felt hopeless, worthless or that you just had no purpose?  I was a single mother for most of my life and struggled to provide for two children as well as pay my bills.  My children are grown now and no longer need me as much.  With the empty nest upon me, and finding myself unemployed, I was looking at my future as a lost individual without hope or purpose.  Upon the recommendation of Catholic Charities I drove to Life Learning Center, and while sitting in the parking lot, I called them and spoke with Lenette.  I asked her, “What does your organization do?”  She proceeded to tell me about their program and how much they helped her and encouraged me to come and speak with them, and I am so glad I did.  I am currently enrolled in the September Cohort and feel blessed to have the opportunity to participate in the program. The Life Learning Center focuses on all aspects of your life to assist you in achieving sustainability and purpose.  You have to want it, be ready to change, invest the time, and do the work.  I often wonder how my life would have been different if I had the opportunity to have access to this program earlier in my life.  It’s all about God’s timing, not ours.  I am grateful to Life Learning Center for giving me the tools to understand who I am, for providing me with a Candidate Support Coordinator, and for the first time in my life having permission to be me.  I am now employed at a Christian Radio Station feeling hopeful, having a purpose, and happy again.  To me, Life Learning Center is the healthy version of family that I didn’t have growing up."


"I grew up on the Westside of Cincinnati and was in the US Navy. After my family and I went through a devastating divorce, my children and I went into a homeless shelter for six weeks. I had zero income - I was trying to bounce back. I went from job to job, collecting $12/hour, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to provide my family in the long run. Through the  

grace of God, I heard on the news about Life Learning Center’s program which opened my eyes to opportunities for sustainable employment. 

I consider myself a big picture person. During orientation at LLC, I took personality trait tests, strength finder assessments, and created a vision 

statement that held me accountable to my personalized milestones. The 

Center taught me life skills that enabled me to address barriers in all aspects of my life. Not only was my personal life at home affecting my punctuality, but also the jobs I was accepting were not investing in me as a long-term employee. 

What I received out of the program is much more than I expected. Not all of us have great backgrounds. I feel that my experience in classes like this helped me form the bigger picture in a way I never had before. I’ve been working on what we call a vision board for 25 years. I’ve gotten the board many times; I have all the little pieces of paper, and I’ve collected the pictures. Yet, before enrolling in the Center’s program, I never was shown how to piece my vision together in a holistic way. That was so empowering, and it still gives me goose bumps to think about. I now know how to define my strengths, combat my weakness, and deepen my family’s relationship in a positive way. 

After the program, I see myself getting a career, not a temp job, that will offer benefits and room to grow professionally. My daughter, Olivia, is pregnant and enrolled in August’s cohort. I want to teach my children they too can reach their highest potential and the importance of self-sufficiency."


“Thank you, Life Learning Center, for helping me realize my self-worth. By being in the LLC program, my confidence has been boosted tremendously. Before I enrolled into the program, I was headed down a dark path and you were my light. I am so grateful to have each of you in my life; you have inspired me to volunteer in order to help those in my shoes. See you soon, and thanks again for everything.”


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