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About Us

We are on the frontlines every day, helping individuals "at-risk" learn, secure, and sustain a better living through education and support. 
Your financial help makes it happen.



Like the people that attend our program, our team of volunteers is an intricate part of the Life Learning Center family. Let's make a change together!

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The Foundations for a Better Life™ 12-week program focuses on addressing five life domains: physical, financial, spiritual, emotional, and relational. These on-going barriers often derive from the addiction epidemic, increased incarceration, and childhood poverty rates rising in our local tri-state area.

Our program is open to the public and serves those involved in the criminal justice system. 

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By employing our Candidates, you not only became a partner in their lives, but you also contribute to our region - an increased workforce builds more robust and healthier communities. Let's engage in our economy together!

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