Life Learning Center delivers a holistic, integrated continuum of learning and care to help our 'at-risk' citizens to reach their highest potential.


Life Learning Center believes that permanent self-sufficiency begins with a transformational change that permits long-term success. Many socially oriented service programs, if not most, provide only temporary support or relief for those in poverty. The goal of Life Learning Center is to provide Candidates with the necessary tools and support that will allow them to not only find a job, but sustain a living wage career. The Center focuses on overcoming barriers in ALL five domains of life: emotional, financial, physical, spiritual, and relational. 


The Center is building a caring and serving community by helping people learn, secure and sustain a better way of living. The people we serve are healthier, happier, and working to change their future.


Change: Occurs through intellectual intent and commitment to learning with continuity.

Sustainability: LLC provides job placement opportunities and skills for success – for long term job retention.

Dignity: Personal growth, financial savings, and value formation.

Contribution: Giving back is the ultimate outcome (i.e. volunteer).


The Foundations for a Better Life program has been proven successful, and demand is increasing.

Over 1,931 CANDIDATES have successfully enrolled in the Center since October 2006

191% INCREASE in enrollment from 55 to 160 

Candidates between 2014-2018

IN 2018

435 Candidates Applied, 482 Candidates & family members served, 160 individuals enrolled, and 63 commenced 

87% Entered our program unemployed

84% Obtained Employment after Work Week

100% Commenced Candidates obtained employment or enrolled in post-secondary education

81% Obtained Employment 6 months after Commencement

63% Obtained Employment 1 year after Commencement

Recognized for the Outstanding Workforce Collaboration Award at the 2018 Workforce Innovation Awards

20 West 18th Street

Covington, KY 41011



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