Who We Serve

Life Learning Center is a place to provide hope for ‘at-risk’ individuals in our Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky regional community who are ready to commit to long term life change.
Our holistic continuum of education and care focuses on the five domains of life: physical, emotional, financial, spiritual and relationships. Our 501© entity was formed out of the quest to deliver a more permanent – even transformational – solution within our traditional social services networks for those struggling, less hopeful individuals who are able and willing to seek a life of sustainability with dignity. 
To better understand our Candidates’ barriers and demographics, click the 2018 Cohort Dissection button below.

What is At-Risk

For purposes of clarity, the term “At-risk” is defined as individuals (and/or family unit) who manifest at least 4 of the following criteria:

  • Economically disadvantaged or living in poverty (as defined by a lack of ability to meet ongoing basic living resources such as permanent housing, food, transportation, support that will allow them to find gainful employment), specifically fall in one of these categories:

  • From Generational poverty – individual who has grown up in poverty, on state subsidy and assistance programs and chooses to use and abuse those systems as a result of not knowing or “learning how to live” any other way.

  • From Situational Poverty – individual who has grown up and made a life for themselves, enough to get by, has no rainy day fund for emergencies. Is able to get by until a life altering event occurs such as: loss of job, death, divorce, illness etc.

  • Chronically functioning in crisis mode.

  • “Has stuff” - history of abuse, violence, addictions, undiagnosed mental health issues, criminal record and never dealt with it effectively.

  • Lack of formal and/or limited education.

  • Unhealthy social support* (i.e. encourages & supports risky behaviors such as breaking the law, social drug use etc.) or little to no social support.* 

  • *Social support/social network – family, friends, co-workers, extended family, neighbors etc.

  • Chronically underemployed, frequent and/or part time work or sporadic work history.



To qualify for enrollment, a Candidate must be: 

18 years of age or older

Drug Free and pass a Zero Tolerance drug test (suboxone and methadone clients must have been in treatment program for 60 days and have a prescription)

7th Grade level reading comprehension

Stable living arrangement (does include couch-surfing and/or shelter housing)

Willing to make a long term commitment to finding a job

20 West 18th Street

Covington, KY 41011



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