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The Center is building a caring and serving community by helping people learn, secure, and sustain a better way of living through gainful employment. The people we serve become healthier, happier, and more productive individuals working to change their future.


Life Learning Center delivers a holistic, integrated continuum of education and care to help our 'at-risk' citizens step up to their highest potential.


Life Learning Center believes that permanent self-sufficiency begins with a transformational change that permits long-term success.


Many socially oriented service programs, if not most, provide only temporary support or relief for those in poverty. The goal of Life Learning Center is to provide Candidates with the necessary tools and support that will allow them to not only find a job, but sustain a living-wage career. The Center focuses on overcoming barriers in ALL five domains of life: emotional, financial, physical, spiritual, and relational. 

Core Values 

Change: Occurs through intellectual intent and commitment to learning with continuity.

Sustainability: LLC provides job placement opportunities and skills for success – for long term job retention.

Dignity: Personal growth, financial savings, and value formation.

Contribution: Giving back is the ultimate outcome (i.e. volunteer).


Life Learning Center delivers The Foundations for a Better Life™ 12-week program that focuses on addressing five domains of life: physical, financial, spiritual, emotional, and relational. These on-going barriers often derive from the addiction epidemic, increased incarceration, and childhood poverty rates rising in our local tri-state area. These factors directly hinder an individual’s ability to generate an income for their family, leaving citizens “at-risk” hopeless and unemployable. 

Our History

In 2005, several enthusiastic leaders from the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati region collaborated to establish Life Learning Center (LLC). While they observed a myriad of reputable organizations contribute their niched services to one social issue, it became evident that no single agency was addressing the “root cause” behind generational poverty. Underlying barriers included a lack of education, financial resources, and applicable skills to sustain a living wage career. Upon conducting comprehensive research on best practices and services for at-risk populations both locally and nationally, the vision for LLC was born. To achieve desired outcomes, LLC delivers a holistic, integrated continuum of education and care to help our “at-risk” citizens learn, secure, and sustain a better way of living through gainful employment. In 2010, the Foundations for a Better Life Curriculum was developed, and the first class was launched. By 2013, as classes grew, so did the need to expand facility space and resources permitting the opportunity in 2014 for LLC to move to a new facility gaining nearly 55,000 square feet. In 2016, LLC increased enrollment by 200% in just two years. In 2018 we developed strategic enrollment pipelines with a myriad of community partners including formalized partnerships with Kenton County Detention Center and the Department of Corrections. In 2021, Kentucky designated LLC as a Recovery Community Center permitting the expansion of care and sober-social activities to enhance long-term recovery. In the fall of 2023, St. Elizabeth Journey Recovery Center (JRC) will open on-site facilities at LLC, bringing yet another critical service to the region. JRC will offer a comprehensive menu of substance use recovery and treatment programs to an anticipated 1,500 patients annually. This innovative collaboration is just one example of LLC’s continued growth and impact on the Greater Cincinnati region and beyond.

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